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December 10, 2020

How To Write Up A Shared Well Agreement

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For more information or questions about well contracts or any special situation, please contact one of our lawyers. A well-written sharing agreement is like any other contract. It should allow the parties to clearly understand their water rights and facility rights for the well and their obligations under the agreement. Ideally, the agreement will avoid any misunderstanding between the parties, as there is no confusion about the definitions, use, maintenance and repair of the well. If the parties register the agreement, future disputes can be avoided. [17] With good preparation, parties considering a collective agreement can avoid many common problems. Be sure to carry out a rigorous inspection of the wells. Explore the history of the well, including when it was drilled, all maintenance records, and the results of all well tests conducted. View of the location of the well, the distance from potential sources of pollution (especially in agricultural areas), as well as the type of soil and underground conditions. If the well is not located on your property, check that the owner of the land in which it is located does not have land-use practices that could interfere with the well or affect water quality. A common well is a well that supplies water to more than one property, generally, so installation and maintenance costs can be shared. We are told that some people feel that a steady flow of water resulting from the use of more than one property (up to a point where too much water is emptied) can improve the quality of the water to be drawn. This agreement is a legal document between two parties regarding the supply of water to the well and the sharing of supply costs.

The supplier part shares the water from the well with the delivered part and all costs of fixing the supply system are distributed among the parties. The agreement can be used in any U.S. state. [10] See Idaho Department of Environmental Quality, www.deq.idaho.gov/water-quality/ground-water/private-wells.aspx (last june 13, 2017). Prohibition of the association of new residences without the agreement of all parties, appropriate modification of the agreement and compliance with all the above points of termination of the well should not end the debts or obligations of a party to or before the termination date. As a general rule, the resilient party pays for the cost of separating its water from the common system, as well as any damage it may cause to another person`s property or water distribution system.

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